Cultivating an exceptional quality

We are:
  • Malaysia owned technology to produce high value & high digestible protein for animal & aqua feed
  • Crude protein: 80~90% with most of the test results achieved 88% (30 samples tested by ACL Lab and MARDI)
  • Digestibility: 90~95%
  • Low ash content <2%
  • Dry matter content >95%
  • Cheapest price protein
  • Raw material: Chicken feather from authorized processing plant & abundant
  • 4 Registered patent & 1 Trademark
  • Assisted by MOSTI
  • DVS License holder or Manufacturing and Selling animal feed
  • Collaboration with MARDI
  • Pioneer Status project under MIDA
  • Member of MATRADE

Bio Metro Fusion Sdn Bhd

Bio Metro Fusion Sdn Bhd (386630-P) has been incorporated under company act 1962 by the Companies Commission of Malaysia on May 9th, 1996 with paid-up capital of RM644,000. It's factory located in 145, Jalan Ismail, 84000 Muar, Johor with the built up of 1.2 acres in its own vicinity.

Our earlier involvement is to conduct engineering and business activity encompassed of palm milling machine. Our participation in the agricultural sector can’t be denied as among the well-known machine fabricator during those times.

Our expertise has to lead us in manufacturing machines such as extruders, oil pressing, automation systems and conveyors.

It was later when the issues of scarcity of protein source for the animal feed came to our knowledge to lead us to research into processing the cheapest protein source that can be used as a supplement in the feed ingredient and complement the missing nutrition.

Since 2012, Bio Metro Fusion has been extensively conducting R&D activity to come out with a new grade of protein to supplement the local feed industry requirement for protein source as the import value has reached RM2.5Billion in 2013

Invested RM6.5 Million to complete the R&D and set up a new manufacturing facility to boost the production scale to fulfill the market demand on this premium grade protein

Teaming up with subject matter experts in the needed field, Bio Metro Fusion has finally come out with Hi-Profeed®. A high content and high digestible protein.